In response to the number of requests for support and questions from the field, the NJEA Professional Development and Instructional Issues Division has developed guidance on a number of issues and has planned a series of webinars addressing a wide variety of issues being brought forth by our members.

The webinars address a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Conversations on equity and inclusivity (Freestyle Fridays)
  • Tools for working remotely
  • Information management
  • Working safely and maintaining privacy in a remote environment
  • Professional growth
  • Health and safety
  • Online pedagogy

All topic areas have webinars designed for ESP, Certificated Staff, or both. The topic list continues to expand and will be offered through the end of May with the potential to grow as needed. Sessions will be provided Monday through Friday. See calendar

All NJEA organized webinars will also be recorded and made available on this site.


To receive email updates on upcoming webinars, go to your PROFILE on and make sure you check the "eLearning" box under Email Subscriptions to subscribe.


Earning Certificates

For members to earn a certificate, they need to attend to the following:

  • Ensure up-to-date MARS information, especially email address.
  • When signing into a Webinar - provide full name and email address matching MARS information.
  • Remain for the duration of the event.

For certificated staff, it is recommended that you request to update your Professional Development Plan (PDP) with your designated supervisor (administrator) to include webinar content.

Accessing your Professional Development Portfolio

To access your PD Portfolio, go to and sign in using the PIN found on your NJEA membership card or your email address, and your password (the last four digits of your Social Security number, unless you've changed it.)

You will see your Professional Development workshops and hours listed in your PD portfolio. Click "ADD CERTIFICATE" and enter the certificate number to add training sessions to your portfolio.

Best Practices for Participants:

It is recommended that members participating in the sessions do the following:

  • Use a computer or iPad. A smartphone or call-in is not recommended as it will result in a diminished experience.
  • Maintain a muted mic unless called upon by the host.
  • Use headphones to prevent echo.
  • If concerned about personal privacy, turn off camera. Sessions are being recorded.
  • Use chat to ask questions or raise tech concerns.
  • Plan to "arrive" for the webinar a few minutes early, so that your connection to the webinar is up and running when the session begins.