In Spring 2022, Central Jersey Coalition for Social, Racial & Economic Justice and New Jersey Education Association Office of Human and Civil Rights in conjunction with National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. Pi-Chapter-Trenton, hosted an interactive two-session workshop titled “Disappearance of Educators of Color in Our Public Schools.”

Part 1, The History & Why Teachers Are Leaving, was held on April 6, presenting an overview of the history of educators of color in America, highlighting the impact of Brown vs. Board of Education and the merging of the American Teachers Association with the National Education Association.

Click here to view the recording of Part 1.

Part 2, Recruitment, Support & Retention – Racial, Social & Economic Justice Issues, was held on May 12. It contains a discussion of our growing student of color population, consider barriers for aspiring educators of color, and examines why educators of color are leaving the profession, and what we must do to address these issues. 

Click here to view the recording of Part 2.