A.C.C.E.S.S. workshop teaches mindfulness for teachers

Dena Grushkin, an NJEA ACCESS consultant and NJREA member, led a workshop on mindfulness for teachers at Monument School in Trenton on Sept. 6.

Grushkin spent 36 years as a special education middle and high school teacher in New Jersey’s public schools.

The workshop was held immediately prior to the start of the school year. It was part of the faculty’s welcome back workshops. Grushkin created the workshop to introduce staff to mindfulness practices. Participants were encouraged to follow up with her for ideas on how to use these tools with students in the classroom.

One of the tips Grushkin shared was to sit up straight in a chair and breathe in and out only through the nose. This has the effect of slowing the heart rate. It is a calming activity that is easy to do.

In addition to her consultant work, Grushkin is continuing her work as the founder and CEO of The Dream School Foundation, an organization that supports public education in Nigeria with educational resources and infrastructure.

Grushkin also teaches yoga to adults in addiction recovery, women 50+ and mamas-to-be.