Who We Are

The NJEA ACCESS model was created as a support system for schools designated as Priority and Focus  Schools under the No Child Left Behind Act. Our program was named after the NEA initiative created to highlight that schools in need of improvement are a priority to our organization. The NJEA Priority Schools Initiative has been transformed to the NJEA ACCESS Model, a community collective for equitable and sustainable schools.

What We Do

The NJEA ACCESS model provides professional development to schools through shared leadership by analyzing data and setting goals in a collaborative environment. Once administrators and staff create a Leadership Team with a diverse representation of teachers, NJEA consultants help the school meet their school achievement goals. We are a union-based support program for teachers and schools. We are not a state or district accountability program.

What Can Schools Expect From Us?

One consultant will be assigned to each building. They will plan school visits: year one, (8) times a month; year two, (6) times a month; year three, (4) times a month;

  • Support in developing a common language about planning, classroom instruction assessment and healing centered engagement.;
  • Teacher Leadership development;
  • Resources: assistance in writing grants, book donations, community connections;
  • Assistance with engaging parents;
  • ¬†Facilitating PLCs and workshops, major models of job-embedded PD;
  • School-wide support in maintaining a relationship between the teachers, administrators and the local union; and
  • Statewide conferences with expert speakers on a variety of topics.

What Do We Expect From the Schools?

  • A commitment from administrators and teachers to engage as active learners during the five-year program;
  • A commitment from administrators and teachers to improve the learning culture in your school to lead to results-driven professional learning;
  • Development and sustained support of a leadership team;
  • Goal-setting three goals based on student, staff and parent needs;
  • Acceptance of our consultant as a facilitator of professional development;
  • Time for PLCs to meet during the school day around topics based on school goals; and
  • Attendance/participation at the August program orientation and at least two other Saturday conferences offered by the program.

Contact Us

For questions about A.C.C.E.S.S., contact Amanda Adams or Kimeisha Boyd below.