Using Artificial Intelligence in your Classroom

Presented by NJEA’s PDII Consultants, this workshop is designed to provide teachers with a basic understanding of AI and how it can be integrated into their teaching practices to benefit both themselves and their students.

Road to Wellness

NJEA and Rutgers Behavioral Health present this session, which will offer strategies for personal wellness and teaches members how to take care of themselves during stressful times.

Arts Integrations Foundations

Arts Integrations Foundations, presented by NJEA & ArtsEdNJ's Kira Rizzuto, will immerse participants in the fundamental components of high-quality arts integration.

Collective Healing for Educators

During this session, PDII Consultants Dr. Tiffani ThrBak and Brenda Martin-Lee will discuss Collective Healing for Educators K-12.

Survivor Speaks & How to Bring them to your Classroom

Survivor Speaks & How to Bring them to your Classroom is presented by NJEA & the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education. Participants will experience a Survivor speak and gain valuable tools how to meaningfully and appropriately incorporate live testimony into their Holocaust lessons.

Teacher Leadership & the Teacher Leader Academy

Teacher Leadership & the Teacher Leader Academy is presented by NJEA’s PDII Division. Join us for an overview of the Teacher Leader Academy and the benefits of being a teacher leader.