Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School hosts restorative practices training

In January 2024, NJEA ACCESS Consultant Dena Grushkin worked with Naeem Muse, social and emotional learning specialist at Trenton’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School to create and deliver a training on restorative practices.

Naeem brings his teaching experience and down-to-earth style to sharing the information with PLC groups.

The two collaborated to present important information that incorporated real classroom examples and solutions to issues that are being dealt with daily.

Muse has many follow-up activities planned for the staff, working in conjunction with Grushkin.

The NJEA Review recently featured an article on restorative justice practices.

Pictured, (l to r) Dena Grushkin, Courtney Harker and Susanne Pollock.

Dena is a new ACCESS Consultant. She spent 36 years as a special education middle and high school teacher in New Jersey’s public schools.

In addition to her consultant work, Dena is continuing her work as the founder and CEO of The Dream School Foundation, an organization that supports public education in Nigeria with educational resources and infrastructure.