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Statewide Virtual Series, Webinars

Holocaust Survivor Speaks and How to Bring them to your Classroom

Join The New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education and hear a Holocaust Survivor speak. You will gain the tools needed to meaningfully and appropriately incorporate live testimony into Holocaust lessons.

Statewide Virtual Series, Webinars

AI Tools for the Classroom

Join NJEA’s PDII Consultants – Mike Mason, Brian Janik, and Lisa Nydick – for a session designed to provide you with a review of some of the best AI tools available to educators.

Statewide Virtual Series, Webinars

Providing Sex Education with Cultural Humility

This training will address the difference between cultural proficiency/competency and cultural humility, measure one’s own intercultural humility using the Intercultural Development Continuum, as well as concrete definitions and activities

Statewide Virtual Series, Webinars

Harnessing the Power of Graphic Novels in the Classroom

Learn the scholarship and research behind the benefits of using comics and graphic novels in the classroom while also gaining access to learning activities and materials to support this work.

Statewide Virtual Series, Webinars

Opening Up History: On the Road to Brown v. Board of Education

Learn the intriguing history of school desegregation through a pluralistic lens by exploring some case studies before 1954.

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The NJEA PDII division seeks to improve
and enrich society through public education.

PDII Equity Statement

The PDII Division celebrates differences,
values and productive conflict, and includes all voices.

PD Providers

If you would like your PD event to be considered for endorsement, please fill out our application. 

The application will be reviewed by the NJEA Professional Development Institute. If approved, a short description will be placed in the Showcase column of the NJEA Review publication as well as on our website. 

Teacher Leader Academy

Applications now being accepted. Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2023.

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