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Short Hair Detention: Channy Chhi Laux, survival of the Cambodian Genocide — via Zoom

Author, Michelle Weinfeld, will share her grandfather’s story of surviving the Holocaust, the life lessons he taught her, and how being the grandchild of a survivor has influenced her life.

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Teaching the Cambodian Genocide Through Testimony — Via Zoom

Dr. Alexis Herr, a comparative genocide scholar, and Channy Chhi Laux, survivor of the Cambodian Genocide, will discuss how to use survivor testimony to educate about genocide and human rights. 


Growing Healthy Minds Project ECHO

Purpose: The Growing Healthy Minds Project ECHO brings together school physicians, school nurses, school counselors, school…

Statewide Virtual Series, Webinars

Asian American History IS United States History

Asian American History IS United States History is presented by NJEA & E Pluribus Unum. The presentation will give participants a better understanding of history (1700s to present), race relations today, and how they affect Asian American students and families.

Statewide Virtual Series, Webinars

Using Artificial Intelligence in your Classroom

Presented by NJEA’s PDII Consultants, this workshop is designed to provide teachers with a basic understanding of AI and how it can be integrated into their teaching practices to benefit both themselves and their students.

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